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This Road Tonight: A New Pilgrims Progress

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A Pilgrim's Progress for a 21st Century Audience! His name is Christian...a man so weighed down by his own baggage, sometimes he can barely move. Christian is given the opportunity for a last-chance, one-time-only road trip to the City of Light. Along the way he travels with Faith who restores something deep inside him he thought was lost. He is rescued by Mike Hope, given shelter by Will Goodman, gets trapped inside the Valley of the Shadow of Death Mall, and spends the night under a giant purple gorilla (just to get out of the rain.) We are all on this journey. We all have our own baggage, traveling companions, road tunes, and rest stops. One journey. Many roads. Do you want to come along? John Bunyan's 1678 classic story of allegory gets a 21st century re-imagining in this funny, tragic, life-affirming tale from Steve Case.

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