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Parallel Reality Man

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Paul Bremer is one of ten people who go to sites around the world where a Finnish professor has theorized that there will be a quantum vortex energy spike on a certain day of the year. While walking the site Paul feels dizzy and sits down. When he recovers he finds that he has somehow jumped between worlds to another quantum reality. Paul's wife is called Joanie and in this world she is married to his friend Todd and Paul is married to Todd's wife Susan.

Paul emails the Finnish professor who sent him to the site in Washington State only to find that in this world the Finnish professor has never heard of him. Paul convinces the professor to help him get back to his own world but all the professor is interested in is himself and his own research. Fighting an uphill battle, Paul is determined to get back to his own world even though the world he is now in may well be better than the one he left. Will he stay with his new wife Susan who loves him far more than his old wife Joanie ever did or will he go back to his own world. The worlds will be in coincidence in 3 months or 10 years and as the 3 month point approaches Paul grapples with the choice he has to make. Which world will he choose? Will he even have the chance to go back? Read on and find out.

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