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Not All Alone

20 pages17 minutes


It’s scary out there – so we’d better hit the sheets... that’s Brenton’s twisted line of thought when he takes his long-time girlfriend, Jeena, camping in a purportedly dangerous forest. He’s sure the spooky atmosphere will get her adrenaline pumping and bring back her sexual appetite.

The couple spends the night, despite Jeena’s reluctance after learning a little of the area’s alleged history. Secretly loving that she’s scared, Brenton assures her the stories are nothing more than an urban legend run amok, but she can’t shake the feeling that someone or something is lurking in the shadows watching. To confuse matters further for Jeena, the frights make her fraught with arousal!

This story is for mature readers ages 18+. If you don't make the height requirement, you can't ride ;)

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