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Arthur Pendragon Beyond Avalon

273 pages8 hours


After being mortally wounded in a fierce battle against his son Mordred, Arthur Pendragon is catapulted into a world beyond Avalon and beyond imagination.

Arthur will face many dangers and new enemies in a bid to stop the Witch Queen Krishia from taking over the many realms of the multiverse.
Crysak, Borlite and the massive armies of Balamni strike fear into these unknown worlds that are joined together by the Tower Of Taal. The tower itself is protective by the ancient Jarenn warriors but can they alone hold out against the onslaught against them and the gigantic dragon that is destroying every city in its path?

Arthur will find new love, powerful allies and a truly amazing secret about himself and his family history.

This is not to be missed. A sweeping tale that doesn’t give you time to catch your breath. A good old fashioned fantasy epic that you wont be able to put down.

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