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Scarlet (Out of Control Book 1)

181 pages2 hours


Our experiences shape our existence and memories hold the keys to our identities.

Scarlet Ruiz awakens in a hospital room with a gunshot wound to the side and six months worth of lost memories. While trying to make sense of the madness, Scarlet realizes that she can hear people talking without seeing them move their lips. She’s stronger than she looks but waking up with the ability to read minds is not something that Scarlet had ever seen coming. Immediately, she’s cast into a world of secrecy, shadows and intrigue.

Dr. Carter Mathews is a man of mystery. Cloaked in guilt, he prefers his own company and doesn’t let anyone close. Until he meets Scarlet. Carter willfully steps into her whirlwind of uncertainty and fear with his own agenda. He is determined to use Scarlet as bait to draw out the organization behind her memory loss. As he travels with Scarlet on a journey to revive her memory, he comes to realize that he may have more invested in their mission than simple revenge.

Can Carter find the absolution he’s been looking for? Can Scarlet put the pieces of herself back together while juggling the ability to see into the minds of others?

Things are never as they seem in a world so out of control.

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