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The Green Bush Erotica Collection Volume 11

320 pages5 hours


From the virtual pen of Elliot Silvestri comes four tales from the vault collected together for the first time and presented by Green Bush Publishing. This collection features four previously published tales: Lessons with Mrs. Tavorski, Rosemilk, Pain Makes You Beautiful, and Milke & Cookie.

Total length is 85,000 words. This collection is intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: This collection features graphic sex, group sex, lesbian sex, cheating spouses, BDSM situations, erotic lactation, an adult nursing relationship, spankings and whippings, unintended pregnancy, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other strong depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

Lessons with Mrs. Tavorski
Jimmy is presented with the classic high school decision: fail science or have sex with the teacher so she’ll pass him. It’s an easy decision because Mrs. Tavorski is incredibly beautiful and sexy. What Jimmy doesn’t expect is how easily he is dragged into a web of illicit sex, voyeurism, and Mrs. Tavorski finding girls willing to have sex with him.

Maia is a suburban housewife who gets taken away to the vacation of her erotic dreams - to be a milk cow on the Farm, lactating for all their guests. It’s a dream—a fantasy—come true, the gift of her husband, but is being a slave to other’s milky desires truly what Maia wants? Facing her deep, dark desires forces Maia to realize the problems that can ensue when dreams are fulfilled.

Pain Makes You Beautiful
Raff discovers his next door neighbor is suffering abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and decides to put a stop to it. Upon confronting the issue he discovers that the tiny Jenee is a masochist who has her boyfriend under her thumb; she loves the spankings and whippings Tommy gives her. As unsettling as all of this is, what’s more disturbing to Raff is that he enjoys Jenee’s games as well. And Jenee wants to suck his fiancée into her red-hot web of torment....

Milke & Cookie
When Catherine “Cookie” Tibbits took a job at a bakery she knew her weight was going to be an issue because she had worked so hard at keeping it off and being around so many tempting sweets would most likely prove to be too much. But it wasn’t the cakes and pies that distracted her, it was the handsome young cop who visited on a regular basis. She was sure Officer Bobby was fascinated by her oversized breasts and was worried that their tendency to leak milk at the wrong time would drive him away. Catherine couldn’t have been more wrong about Officer Milke.

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