The Secret Keepers

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The Secret Keepers

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Length: 288 pages5 hours


Mandy and Jolee may live with their father Dale—but they can only rely on each other and Mrs. Mattern, the widow who lives next door. Dale is an erratic, sometimes violent drunk. The girls’ mother is dead, and a distant grandmother is their only other relation.

Hidden in Mrs. Mattern’s possession is a gold box belonging to the girls’ mother, a box containing a secret that only Mrs. Mattern and the Reverend Johnson know but one which deeply concerns the two sisters.

When an act of violence drives Mandy and Jolee out of their home, they suddenly find themselves in possession of the box and the address of their grandmother.

With no one else to turn to, the girls decide to seek her out, only to realize that traveling through the racially tense byroads of the Carolinas is a daunting task. As for the mystery that hangs over their family, its implications will demand that one sister sacrifice everything for the other—if she has the strength to do so.

The Secret Keepers is a haunting tale of love and the secrets that tear families apart.

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