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Bad Decision

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This is the story of a young married couple that goes to a “warehouse” party with a group of their friends. Things get out of hand and Lydia, his young wife disappears. Bobby Joe looks for her for months, finding nothing. Then the police detective, who investigated the case lets a vital piece of information slip, she might have been taken by skin heads. Bobby Joe searches their camps looking for her and gets a tip, she might be in “The Hole.” The tipster also alludes that she has been severely brain washed. “She doesn’t even know who she is.”
Bobby Joe declares war on the skin heads, as he attacks their camps, the skin heads wise up and they set a trap for Bobby Joe. He walks right into it. Will he find out what “The Hole” really is? When Bobby finds himself hunted and all alone, what will he do? Another Bad Decision?
Ride along with Bobby Joe as he struggles with his past, his future, and more importantly the “now” decisions in his life. His wife Lydia seems to be an innocent party in these decisions, but is she? What decisions does she make that has complicated their marriage and even their very lives.
The exciting climax of this story ties it all together. What will be Bobby Joe’s final decision?

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