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Born Of Fire: Prelude to the Prosperine Series: Prosperine

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AD2095—The Apocalypse Beckons

The discovery of an ancient tomb rocks humanity's belief in its origin and takes the Earth to the brink of Armageddon.

Born Of Fire is the apocalyptic prelude to the acclaimed science fiction series Prosperine. This short story tells of the events that lead to the foundation of the Alien Corps and the quest to find a Messiah on distant planets.

If you've ever wondered how the end of the world might come about (minus the zombies) and if you enjoy tales of future dystopias packed with action and adventure, you'll love the Prosperine series.

Born Of Fire is the first episode you don't want to miss!

Other books in the series include:

The Alien Corps Rise of the Erlachi The Scarf Fractured Prophecy

What Readers say about Born Of Fire

"This story packs a punch. Absolutely fascinating take on Christianity and the future of religion without being preachy"

"I'm a big fan of apocalyptic fiction, and this story hit the nail on the head."

"Important and intriguing background to a very enjoyable series that's well worth checking out."

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