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Understanding Our Government, And What to Do About It.

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A short non-government approved history of the beginning of the country and the expansion that followed. As an example, the first non-native colony on this continent was a business colony as opposed to having anything to do with religion. The purpose of media as well as the entertainment industry explains how our culture is guided by those that have consistently used government and money to always increase their power over the people by using the most advanced techniques of propaganda. The rather lengthy chapter that is a dictionary of terms and phrases used by those in power to control us is a necessity in understanding the true meaning of those words and how they accomplish their self designed mission. Finally, some examples of things that each of us can do as an individual to help change our system and some organizations that can use our participation in attempting to gain a real democracy and a government of the people through a one sided peaceful revolution. It is one sided because the government will use violence against any threatening peaceful movement. With only 55,000 words, we can gain a better understanding of our government, how it works, and what we can do to change it.

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