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Uncommon Expectation

Length: 395 pages6 hours


Careful what you wish for.
Mika Cosgrove is an American school teacher lured to England with the promise of one million dollars if he will stay one week. One month later he is the owner and new patriarch of a 9200 acre English estate that has been in his extended family name for over four hundred and fifty years. Four hundred and fifty years of doubt and fear.
Unwilling to live under the fear that the bequest of a young and dying King would stand up to close modern scrutiny, Mika aggresively challenges the political system in England and inadvertly insults the German people and a very dangerous President.
His home has been blown up and is in shambles. The caretakers of the estate hold him in weary distance, the love of his life is his only link to sanity and very the same men who attacked him now are the only ones who can save him.
Mika thinks his adventure is over; but it's only just beginning.

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