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3-D: Devika Damini Deeksha

Length: 252 pages3 hours


Youth . . . like Spring, it is an ethereal, exhilarating and enchanting season that favours each one of us just once. Like Time, it never lasts long enough, its succulence slipping away silently and stealthily. Like Mother Nature, it lets you be your own teacher of right and wrong. Like Desire, it leaves you yearning for more, never to return.

Youth, at more than half of its population, is the very arbitrator of India’s destiny today. There are youth for whom life is a joy ride of pomp and selfish pleasure. Then, there are youth for whom life is a gruelling journey of toil and turmoil.

And then, there are the 3-D girls . . . Devika, Damini & Deeksha!

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