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How to Pleasurably Stop Smoking

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While you read, we're going to get rid of your urge to smoke. It wouldn't be hard to stop if you had no urge to smoke. You're going to get to that point by the time you finish the book. And you will learn how to maintain your disinterest in smoking. So that it's permanent. That's the program in a nutshell.

This approach turns stopping smoking from a torturous ordeal into a liberating experience of self-discovery. You won't need to bravely resist doing something you desperately want to do. The amount of willpower is like what's required to resist jumping off a tall building.

We'll deal with your physical addiction but, also, dismantle your psychological dependence. That a book can cure you of smoking is a testament to the transformative possibilities of reading and reflection. It also highlights that addiction to smoking depends crucially on illusions that a book can effectively remove.

Your perspective on smoking and stopping smoking will change dramatically.

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