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Atheism And Intelligent Design.

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As I searched this topic in Amazon alone in Kindle e-books section about "atheism", there are almost 1,600 book entries. When I switched that to "Books Section", there were 4,524 book entries. When I tried to search the term "atheism" in Google Search, I've got a 8,690,000 entries. Thus, I sensed that we don't have any more topics to be discussed in the topic of "atheism".

When Einstein had shared his new discoveries on 1905, no one had ever
understood him. No one knew him. Although on his time, science
journals were not clinging to religious practices like in our
generations, he had easily submitted his new discoveries to those
journals even though no one could understand him. He waited many years
for the world to know his new discoveries. Einstein waited hopelessly.

BUT a famous scientist named Max Planck had read, seen and understood
his new discoveries as published and Planck was the one who had helped
Einstein's discoveries to be understood. Planck had brought Einstein's
discoveries to the world and to the whole scientific community. Through
Planck, Einstein had become famous.

NOW, even until today, no one
had ever understood my new discoveries. I am looking also for a
scientist, the most famous one (LOL!) but the most intellectual one who
could understand my new discoveries and help me share my new discoveries
to the world and be understood - and at the end, I will become very
famous and rich! LOL! Are you my Max Planck?

Thank you for
your interest to this book. In addition to this book, I also uploaded
many YouTube videos in the official YouTube channel of the New
Intelligent Design to help many people to understand the new discoveries
that I've discovered in naturalistic science. I am not asking you to
believe me nor support me. I am asking you to check your knowledge of
science since I think that they are not only obsolete but they are also

Just search my Channel in YouTube as "MrIntelligentDesign" and you could see my uploaded videos to help explain some new discoveries that needed to be explained through videos.

Thank you...

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