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Hotwife Tales: Riley

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Riley Reed is thirty-three, beautiful, and very restless. Her husband of eight years, Shane, is all but ignoring sexually, she’s required by her job an editor of erotic romances the spend her days reading steamy, very graphic encounters her authors’ heroines and their studly lovers, and her biological clock is ticking.

She and Shane have no children—and she knows that they never will, unless they adopt—because a childhood disease ravaged Riley’s ovaries, leaving her unable to conceive. But her libido doesn’t know that, and her daily exposure to those incendiary romances have her thinking about all the sex she is missing out on almost constantly.

Enter her Greek god of a new neighbor, Troy. He is in his early twenties, muscular, confident, and extremely interested in what Riley has to offer.

Sorely tempted by the young grad student, she is quick to volunteer her editorial services when he tells her he’s having real problems with writing his thesis. Will she make more than her professional help available to the sexy young man?

When she tries to use her upcoming meeting with Troy to raise Shane’s interest, she is shocked to discover that he is aroused by the possibility of cheating on him with the younger man. It seems her husband has developed a keen interest in the hotwife phenomenon, and harbors daydreams about being cuckolded.

Will Riley make his dreams come true? If she does, will he react as he says he will, or will her cheating on him be the start of the end of their once-happy marriage?

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