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Never Laugh at Shadows

Length: 343 pages5 hours


A State of Oppression and Death... Uganda's Hell!
Winsome Natukunda grows up in a family on the wrong side of politics, her father tortured for his Democratic beliefs. Her childhood was filled with anxieties as to the safety of her father and the family.
Graphic reminders of the violent actions of government forces are everywhere – war, pillage, rape and indiscriminate murder, everyday occurrences.As a young woman, she escapes to study Law in England, where she experiences a breakdown and a resulting suicide attempt. In hospital, she meets Angela, although suffering a bipolar mood disorder, helps her recover her mental health. Winsome inevitably falls in love with her son, Dominic.
In England, she hears no news from Uganda. Increasingly concerned for her family, and fearing the worst, she returns to find her father – tortured again – is gravely ill, while her mother spends her nights in a graveyard talking to spirits.Much as she misses Dominic, she knows she must help her parents. Confronted by the state her country is in, and the effect of the start of the AIDS epidemic, she knows she must stay.

A deeply moving story of love and determination overlaying the human suffering and horrors of war!

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