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Identity Crisis Reclaim the True You Companion Bible Study Part 2

Length: 144 pages1 hour


The Bible is full of ordinary people who discovered an extraordinary God--a God who gave them promises and provision far surpassing their biggest dreams. Jesus’ disciple Peter was given a heavenly key ring and told that “he could use it to unlock the gifts of heaven and to lock up the destruction of hell.”
You also have a heavenly key ring with your name on it!
Discover through identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You Companion Bible Study, Part 2 how to partner with the One who calls you his “beloved one” to Unlock your Destiny. Imagine this: God has designed a destiny that only you can fulfill!
However, you have been lied to, stolen from, and broken into by the one who is scared to death that you will uncover, discover, and reclaim your true destiny. The thief knows that when you do, it will all be over for him.
The King holds out his hand, and your heavenly keys, in invitation. Will you accept?

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