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Fair Winds

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The tension between the two men was almost palpable; watching as their relationship developed I came to appreciate Rudy’s openness and Ike’s quiet strength. Together these two are sexy as all get out, but they also have an attraction for each other that grabbed my heart...totally engaging, exciting and a perfect story about friendship, relationships and falling in love.  5 of 5 divas  Kathy @ Dark Diva Reviews

Rudy Haas dreams of becoming an "old goat," a sailor who's completed twenty-five races from Port Huron to Mackinac. But when his crew throws him off the team for being gay, Rudy has to find another boat and crew to have any chance of making his dream come true. Blind luck leads him to the men of Devlin's Due and a test run where Rudy's toughest battle isn't winning his place on the team--it's fighting his attraction to team captain Ike Ujarka.

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