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Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man

Length: 279 pages4 hours


Is it love - or just sexual attraction?

Charlie meets the real man she has wanted - or does she?

Introducing delightful Charlie Ford, America's favorite nanny and former military sniper who has a small problem: she faints at the sight of fresh blood. Forced to find another line of work, professional nanny Charlie Ford dives headlong into a vicious battle against the bad guys, defending her teen-age charge in Charlie Ford meets Secret Agent Man, (Book 1 of Tynan's hot Action Adventure Romance Thriller series).

Like a breath of fresh air, J. D. Tynan’s dynamic heroine Charlie Ford bursts forth on the reading public with vivacity. An action romance story like no other, with a heroine that has feet of clay,

Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man is sensuous and exciting, filled with action, danger, thrills and just enough sex to make reading a pleasure. Who is chasing whom? In the midst of terrorists and perils that threaten to engulf Charlie and her young ward, could Charlie have just found the one man for her? Or, is it just one of those ships passing in the night things?
You will be amused, bemused, entertained, thrilled, and you won’t want to put this one down. Then, you will hardly be able to wait until the next in Tynan’s series featuring the most appealing red, white and blue nanny of all.

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