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Lily, Flower of the Sea

Length: 106 pages1 hour


The Mysteries of the Sea

ArrowHeart Mansion is a haven for magical toys such as Lily, one of three misplaced dolls. On the morning of a seemingly ordinary day, Lily discovers a priceless treasure hidden in the secret room of the mansion. The precious find—a silver pearl—captures and lures her within a hypnotic trance. Her mind spinning deliriously, Lily’s tossed into an unexpected realm of enchantment and danger. She’s whisked beneath the sea and there’s no going back. Trapped, she bravely pursues her adventure head on, exploring the vast, mysterious waters.

Lily befriends the Royal Family of the water kingdom—"merepeople"—sharing their joys and tribulations. She’s introduced to a fabulous life beneath the sea and a host of incredible creatures. There are, to mention a few: three gruesome sharks, ranking high in command; an unspeakable monster; a princess and an aristocrat involved in a fishy love affair; a distraught oyster...

Ah, but there’s much more to this mystery of Lily’s startling excursion into the sea! Join Lily as she is challenged with an overwhelming decision between right and wrong. But, will she ever be able to return home to ArrowHeart Mansion?

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