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Slutty Surprize

Length: 29 pages29 minutes


A big, beautiful, young woman discovers love and excitement in the crazy world of chubby lovers and their mates. Lindzey didn’t think anyone would truly love all of her since she was always under attack for how huge she was, how much she ate or how she wouldn’t fit in a chair. Lindzey finds size matters to some as she discovers there are more men in the sea than she ever thought possible who love to have oversized women with oversized love! She was a large woman with large appetites and couldn’t wait to start life on her own without her mother nagging her every step of the way. Belly fat isn’t a problem for this girl; she puts it to good use along with the food she enjoys to make life worthwhile! From degradation to learning her self-worth, join Lindzey for a wild ride to love and acceptance.

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