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The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf: How A Golfer's Mind Really Works.

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Many golfers are seeking answers to a number of questions:

What stops you playing your best golf when you really want to?
Why is it so difficult to change and improve your golf swing?
Why do you feel nervous on the first tee or on the last few holes?
Why do you enjoy golf one day, but find it frustrating and hard work the next?

It might surprise you to find out that a simple misunderstanding about how your mind actually works is the cause of all of these frustrations.

Many golf psychology books offer mental strategies and techniques to cope with the pressures of the game and to address how golfers are feeling on the golf course. Unfortunately these techniques focus on the symptoms, rather than addressing the misunderstanding which is the root cause of nervous, anxious or 'under pressure' feelings. These strategies may work for a while, but relief is often temporary and the questions return.

Once you see the cause of the fundamental misunderstanding, you will find that you already have the answers to the questions you are asking yourself, and the problems you thought you had with your golf game will fade away.

This book offers a simple, common-sense approach to the mental side of the game. Less thinking, rather than more thinking is the way forward. This book shows you how to take the first step.

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