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The Witch Casandra

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Mrs. Ann Hammond welt a great relief. The birth had cone well, and she was waiting for the nurse to bring her newborn little girl. The nurse came with the little bundle, and gave Ann her baby. When the nurse walked away, and Ann was alone with her baby, she was about to put the little one to her breast, when she heard a quiet voice. "You should have told me it hurt to be born. Then they pricked my finger, held me upside down and slapped my bottom. No wonder a started to cry." Ann looked around to see who was talking, then when she held her daughter in front, the little one smiled and said. Hello Ann, how are you?" Ann just answered I'm okay, I just have to take one of the pills over there on the small table. With a movement of her tiny hand, the baby got the pill to fly right in to her hand. You cannot do things like that, babies don't do that. A baby can not talk, and it takes several weeks before the baby can see, and you can not move things with your mind. Please remember that. How come you can talk?" said Ann to her little baby. "I am a witch, and my name is Casandra, because the birth was withing the allowed minute, I became a witch. Casandra behaved well at the hospital, but when Burt, her father, came to pick them up she wouldn't stop talking. Then when they came home, she refused to crawl. Casandra wanted to walk right away. Burt had to buy a dog to help Casandra to walk. When the years went by, She behaved well at school. She started when she was 7 years old, she was right away moved to the sixth grade, and the following year they moved her to the ninth grade. The with a test by the federal government, she got a perfect score on the twelfth grade test. Casandra was told she would get her university study for free, There she choose space science, and was working with two doctors, Dr. Lind and Doctor Breathy. The three tried to find out how a worm-hole could be made.

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