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Her Saviors from Sloth

Length: 108 pages1 hour


Patsy Melon takes advantage of a charity motorcycle run to submit a resume to Gaz for a job. Her parents have rejected the values of the national race and she thinks the seven sins are a lie. But Patsy is suffering from every kind of spiritual and sexual sloth.

When the Archangels release their wrath on the non-believers, she has two weeks to either change her values or die.

Trina’s father, Sadalphon Deleron, wants to move closer to his daughter in South Carolina and attends the event. He is a firm believer in the values the nationals were given to live by, and he is smitten with Patsy.

Barachiel Shag is Gaz’s lead foreman and also Sadalphon’s lover. He too finds Patsy attractive and longs to bring a female into their bi-sexual relationship.

Will Patsy let down her guard to accept the two men into her life? Can they save Patsy from her own heart as the archangels play tricks on her to make her into a believer?

That and many other questions shall be asked and possibly answered in this continuing saga of those who have been given the mandate of protecting nature in exchange for the ability to shift into any feline they choose.

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