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Mink Too, All the Riches in the World Can’t Buy Love

Length: 338 pages5 hours


Wealthy and spoiled Susan Drummond gets her thrills by throwing around her father’s considerable influence in the small southern town in which she lives. This includes messing with the town’s police force, most notably Sergeant Liz Gilmore, a New York City transplant with some issues of her own. The two lock horns and Liz is ordered to give sexy Susan swimming lessons to avoid being fired.

On the way home from this community service, Liz investigates a reported gas leak and instead is injured in a gas explosion in the process of saving Susan’s father’s life. As she recovers, she and Susan team up to find out who is responsible for the attempt on his life and the death of a security guard, but will the sparks between Liz and Susan set off more explosions in Mink Too, all the riches in the world can’t buy love?

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