How to Get & Keep Your Own House Cleaning Clients: My Blueprint to a Successful "Green" Business

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How to Get & Keep Your Own House Cleaning Clients: My Blueprint to a Successful "Green" Business

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Before starting her own house cleaning business, Christine had read many books and articles on house cleaning tips and approaches recommending long-term contracts, giving free estimates, and using toxic chemicals. These means were costly, inefficient, and bad for the environment. Christine will provide you with another perspective. You can apply these step-by-step instructions and methods even if you have a full-time life.

If you follow her recommendations, you will not waste precious time and money by trial and error. Christine has listed all of the products she personally uses. Best of all, with her unique customer service approach, it will enable you to see your earnings increase, year after year. You will not need to reinvent the wheel. Practice does make perfect when you know exactly what to practice. You will learn how to clean any surface in every room. You will be the professional clients call for advice and house cleaning.

Included in this blueprint is how to find your own niche to set you apart from your competitors, how to choose your service area, calculations on setting your cleaning fees and formulas for job estimating, creating custom services, detailed lists of suggested equipment, supplies, and green products. As a special bonus, Christine has included a spreadsheet which will help in job scheduling, keep track of clients, record your income and expenses, and manage your wait list!

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