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George Tavlakis is a carefree musician living free of all commitments in the heart of eternal Athens. His life changes abruptly when his mother passes away. Her will requires him to keep a slave in his home for a full year or he won’t see a single drachma of his inheritance. He never even had a pet growing up, what does he know about caring for a created race like the Rovania?

Yeraki is tired. Granted, humans created his race. Granted, the Rovania have no rights under the law. But why must humans always be so cruel? And why on earth did the only human who was ever kind to him force this ridiculous arrangement on her son? Yeri has little confidence in his new master’s ability to manage, especially after he sees George’s bachelor pad.

At first glance, the pair has nothing in common, nothing to bond them outside of the legal relationship of master and slave. But music is a sweet mistress, and she has them both... If they can discover each other.

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