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Tending Your Internal Garden: Bugs, Your Health, And How Little We Know.

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Research on the inner world of human bacteria has exploded in the last decade. Instead of a few, domesticated bacteria, we've found a vast uncharted rainforest complete with species that existed when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Epic battles are being fought below your necktie or blouse, silently determining your health, weight, and maybe even your mood.

Your body is outnumbered ten-to-one by the bacteria that grow in you. Who are these strange creatures? Are they friend or foe? And how can you call a truce? Explore with Dr. Christopher Maloney, N.D. as he uncovers the strange splendor within and gives tips for how to keep the peace.

In a mouse study, a sterile mouse was fed a fat mouse's bacteria. Within two weeks, the sterile mouse gained 55% more body weight even though it continued to eat the same amount of food! Your inner bacterial world can be a determining factor in how your body absorbs calories and medications. Learn more about this strange new world.

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