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Script-Free: Keys to Discover Your Real Life in 4D

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Script-Free is about the destiny of each human being, your destiny, written by God in the “Book of Life” and the power of faithful trust in Him that enables you to live it.
Script-Free is for all who want to:
•Discover their real identity
•Experience authenticity and autonomy
•Live healthy relationships with God and others
•Know God’s will for their lives
•Rediscover their faith as renewed trust
•Express their full potential and impact the earth
...step into their DESTINY!
Through deep and practical insights, topics such as free will and predestination are examined, combining the power of God’s word, the functioning of the human spirit and mind, and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.
You can choose to experience the real life that God has prepared for you:
In your [God’s] book all my days were already written, my days had been shaped before any of them existed (Psalm 139:16).
The human spirit is the meeting point between Heaven and earth where this perfect plan can be perceived and revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. It is a plan for happiness and success that enables the complete expression of the potential that the Creator has placed within you.

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