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How to Create Passive Income with Ebooks

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Tired of being a slave to the clock? Do you hate that the only way to make more money is to put in more hours?

A few years ago, Sylvie McCracken was was in your shoes.  She rolled up her sleeves in her evenings and weekends and with some trial and error she started generating consistent passive income that allowed her to quit her day job and pass the 6 figure mark in 18 months..

The best part is that the money keeps coming in without requiring any more work.

How did she do it?

With ebooks.

In How to Create Passive Income with Ebooks, Sylvie lays out the 6 steps required to start making money from self-published ebooks.  

How this 6-step guide can help you:

Beat procrastination and writer’s block.

Find the “sweet spot” topic that ensures your ebook will sell passively.

Learn the ins and outs of design, formatting, and selling an ebook.  

Download Creative Passive Income with Ebooks today.  

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