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How to Create Passive Income with Ebooks - Sylvie McCracken

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Most traditional jobs are based on the idea that time is money. It doesn’t really matter how much you get done at work or what goals you meet. You are paid to be at work. Your presence is mandatory and not showing up means your paycheck stops coming in. Under this model, you’ve got to put in hours of work and sacrifice the things you’d rather be doing – like spending time with your family or just lounging on the beach.

But this model of earning income is outdated.

Today, smart entrepreneurs know that the secret to success is passive income. Don’t let the word passive fool you. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any work involved. To earn passive income, you put in the work up front and reap the benefits on a continuing basis without any additional work. But, as a reward for your investment, the money keeps pouring in without you having to lift a finger.

Sound too good to be true?

I’m living proof that passive income is possible, and that you don’t have to be a marketing guru in order to make it happen. When I started my first blog a few years ago, I was working fulltime to provide for my family of 5. At the time, I didn’t know a plugin from a widget, Wordpress from Blogspot. I was a total newbie. But, six months into it, I launched my first ebook. Six months after that, I was making enough money to quit my fulltime job. So I did. Within 18 months, I was able to replace my previous 6-figure income and transform that blog into the main income for our family.

And I did it all with ebooks (two of them to be exact).

The best part is that the ebooks are still selling, so I am free to spend more time with my family and work on other projects – which means even more passive income.

There are plenty of ways to make passive income from your blog, and I certainly recommend utilizing more than one method. However, when it comes to making serious amounts of passive income, nothing beats information products such as ebooks.

It might seem like a lot of work to create and publish an ebook. But it’s not that hard. Really. I’ve put out three