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The Struggle Trilogy

Length: 325 pages5 hours


A man, Walid, lives in Baghdad, where bombs tear apart markets and flesh, Americans shoot at anyone who crosses them and the police are too scared to stop murderers as the streets run red with blood. Walid must protect his family, his neighborhood, from this onslaught of violence. But how? He decides to use his brains and gun.
As a consequence, he dives into the underbelly of a city in the throes of civil war. Fighting other Iraqis and the Americans, Walid must figure out how to live just one more day.
Mohammad, Walid's childhood companion, decides to sell out his friend to get personal justice.
Qassem, an Iranian, trained to work in the shadows for Tehran, plays with men's lives to achieve his goals.
Douglass, an American soldier, dutifully carries out his mission.
Everyone fights to come out on top, but not all of them can survive. Who will make it to see another day?
Check out this dark and realistic novel!

"The Struggle Trilogy is a must-read for anyone interested in a perspective of war that is not diluted- but rather laid out with conclusions for one to draw on their own- outside the range of the media’s influence."—

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