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Hit List: Series 1, #4

Length: 61 pages56 minutes


Who can they trust when everyone and anyone may be a member of this dangerous club?

For James and Charlotte Briggs, a vain attempt to bring life back to a stagnating marriage has turned to a nightmare of murder and terror.

Erik Salazar is missing.  Did he get away? Did #739 get to him? Did he really try to kill them both?

Andre Gudor is Charlotte's newest and favorite art-client, a man of deep tastes and deeper secrets.  But he is also a member of #739.  Can they strike back at the club members to leave them alone?

The Briggs are still trying to save their marriage, and their lives. Who can they trust? Who is trying to kill them? What if they are destroyed just as their marriage is finally rising out of the ashes?

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