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Hunting in Shadows Summary

Once again, Lyssandra finds herself facing dangerous enemies. The Hunt is on, and Lyssandra is the prey. On the run from a God and her husband, she has to escape to the only place left to her: her birthplace, the Shadow Court. Trying to stay one step ahead and ending up one step behind, she finds herself in an unknown world with unknown rules.

The Shadow Court is not all that she expected it to be, nor is her father the man she wants him to be. He is a cold man with an unbending will who wants her to be something she is not. Rules and expectations are meant to be broken though, and she’ll break every single one of them when it comes to saving the man she left behind, Vincent. New skills and new allies are needed for her hunt to find him before it is too late.

A hunt through the blood and shadows will change her world.

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Hunting in Shadows Summary

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They had abandoned him; just walked into the shadows and left him to face a battle alone. Regret cut her deep in her heart. More than anything in the entire planes, she wanted to go back and save him. Only cowards would leave those that are important to them behind to fight battles alone and she was the furthest thing from a coward. Lyssandra, Crown Princess of the Shadow Court, Queen of both the Seelie and Unseelie Court, was a fighter to the core.

Kieran, her elite redcap bodyguard, was aware of her desire and held her tightly in his arms as he carried her through the halls. He wasn’t going to let her return even if she knew how to. Being helpless caused frustration and fury to bubble up inside of her. She understood why she had been swept away so quickly, but that did not ease her emotions, it simply made them worse.

The Hunt was after her; an unstoppable pack of creatures led by the God of the Hunt, Cernunnos. It would continue to come after her until she bested the God at his own game or destroyed her husband, the Seelie King Maguis. She was leaning heavily toward the complete destruction of her husband. The man had attempted to kill her more than once, had slaughtered most of her adopted family, and was holding the last remaining member of that member hostage—her little brother Kelan. The man had what was coming to him ten times over. He just didn’t realize how dead he was...yet.

She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind. She needed to focus on her current surroundings. She was in a new place, and while she trusted Kieran with her life, she wouldn’t rely solely on his knowledge of their current space. To save her from The Hunt, he had pulled her into the only plane that he knew would keep her safe: The Shadow Court.

It was the place where she was born and had no memories. According to her grandmother, the biological grandmother who just happened to be the Goddess of Air and Darkness, she had been left on her adoptive father’s throne with a message that she was to be taken care of. The knowledge of her birth had been kept from her until just recently. She had always thought she was an Unseelie Princess, one low in the line of succession but important to her court. No one had even made a whisper of her heritage until a coup had thrown her world into chaos. Now secrets were being uncovered, and she was about to meet her biological father for the first time.

"Kieran, I believe that I can walk now. In fact, I would prefer to walk, she commented hoping that he would take her hint and put her down. I would not like to meet my father for the first time being carried."

She felt ridiculous being in his arms. She knew that she looked delicate and fragile in Kieran’s arms; he could make a bulldozer look delicate. It made her want to slice out everyone’s eyes in the hallway. She was no fainting princess but a seasoned warrior.  The scarred fighting leathers that covered her five-foot-seven-inch athletic, curvy body