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A kiss isn't just a kiss when it's done right...

Kye Davies has always believed that kisses are just a means to getting in a girl's pants (or better yet, her skirt). When his grandfather gives him a chance to get out of working in the family business, he agrees to the deal, even though it means embarking on a kiss quest.

His mission is simple...

He has to kiss ten girls from his past, and any number of new girls, to see if he can feel anything for once. Whether he finds the One or doesn't, as long as he genuinely tries, he can go back to building the tiny houses he loves.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems...

Weeks of kissing girls--and boys--leads to him being attacked, shot at, and challenged to a light saber battle by a three-year-old. It also makes him realize that the One may have been there will him all along, and he just didn't know it.

10 kisses. 10 blasts from the past. 1 second-chance at love.


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People should be free to love whoever their heart leads them, too. And this author did a great job of presenting a passionate love between 2 people who are seen as different from each other as dictated by society, but this difference wasn't a part of the love they share. Ms. Perkins did an admirable job of dealing with the issue (and other issues) as a non issue, if that makes sense. —DianeM, Amazon Reviewer, Creating A Love

I love this series!!!!!! Crystal has the amazing ability to bring her characters to life. I laugh with them, I hurt with them, I smile with them, and I cry with them. —Jessica, Amazon reviewer, The Griffin Brothers series

I love how Crystal makes the characters feel like real people. —Tami, Amazon Reviewer, Learning To Love

This is a lovely romance story that has a sexy sizzle to it but it's funny as well as it is somewhat edgy. I like that the hero has money but it's not the focal point in this story. I love that the heroine has problems but they are not so insurmountable that they take over the story. This is good old-fashioned romance done with a modern day twist. Well Done. —Kindle Customer, Amazon Reviewer, Gaming For Love

I found this book on Amazon yesterday and loved the cover. I read the synopsis and knew I had to get it. So I purchased it and started to read it right away. Oh my, I could not put the book down. I got so wrapped up in the story I was afraid to put my Kindle down or I would miss a part. —Amazon Customer, Gaming For Love

I thought this was a fantastic start to a series, and kind of first book of a series that makes you want to rush out and buy each additional book in the series. The premise of a strong group of women working together to help other women in need was pretty awesome. I loved how C0rrigan & Co was a secret covert company along the same lines as the underground railroad but it saved women from sticky situations or abusive relationships. —Aubrey, Romancing the Book blog, Fielding Her SECRET

I had so many different emotions while reading. I was rooting people, wanting kick people, wanting to rip some peoples clothes off, laughing while reading, gasping out loud. Seriously, I read this like a crazy person. So much happened that I was not mentally prepared for. There were so many shockers while reading this I could not even think about putting the book down. —Sabrina, Amazon Reviewer, Devouring the SECRET

Love this book the suspense and sex is EPIC. —Teresa Jensen, Amazon Reviewer, Rocking a SECRET

Perkins breathes life into their characters and has the reader feeling their agony, pain, and even their love for one-another. I enjoy reading her books and learning more and more about each of the people that make up this secretive group. —Dayreader Reviews, Corrigan & Co. series

In the end I am somehow proud of you Crystal Perkins. How you portrayed Ellie and her and Aiden love. I know I have no right to be, and it's really not my place to say but I am proud I read it and I recommend it to all women so they can see how strong We can be. —Marta Bukoswka, Goodreads Reviewer, Tending Their SECRET

The story flowed well and kept my attention throughout. There was one part I was totally not expecting to happen. I love when that happens. —Lisa Dess, Girls With Books blog, Training Her SECRET

Wow this story! There are some stories and characters that leave you speechless, breathless and at times slightly broken, and Loving my SECRET Matt & Reina's story is definitely one of them! —Vicki Plant, Goodreads Reviewer, Loving My SECRET

I laughed I cried and there many times that I wanted to throw my device. —Mallory, Goodreads Reviewer, Loving My SECRET

Perkins gives the reader a quick peak into the Weddings of the amazing ladies in the society. What a fun roller coaster ride it was. —Taz Lozada, Goodreads Reviewer, Society Weddings

Totally loved this book as I did with all of crystals book previous to this with their well written gripping story lines brilliant characters a must read really can't wait for the next in series. —Sassylady33, Amazon Reviewer, Society Girls: Sierra

For Samantha Myers,

who gave me the name Kye!


I have no idea how I got roped into attending this damn cocktail party. Well, that’s not exactly true. My cock is what got me here. More specifically, my date’s mouth wrapped around said cock. If only I’d liked it as much when our mouths were joined, but I didn’t. She tried to hoover my mouth like she did my dick, and I actually lost feeling in my lips for a few minutes. I wanted to run, and hide—like maybe even on a different continent—but she did get on her knees for me. I may be an asshole at times, but I’m always a gentleman asshole, and yes, that is a thing. So here I am.

Where’s your date? my best friend, Easton, asks me.

With any luck, she left.

She didn’t leave, my other best friend, Beatrice, tells me. I just saw her with the mayor.

He’s single now, right?

Yep, East says with a smile. That bad, huh?

When she was on her knees, it was great.

Of course it was, Bea says, rolling her eyes. You are such a boy.

I am. Totally. So don’t try and use that as an insult.

I’ve seen your dick, Kye. It’s not that impressive.

Stop! He’ll hear. Wound me all you want with your bitter spinster words, but leave him alone.

Bitter spinster? I’m 24.

Going on 100, East reminds her. You won’t even have a random hook-up.

Why would I want that? she asks.

Why wouldn’t you? I counter. You’re young, rich, and not too bad looking when you put some effort into it. You could score some fun pretty easily.

Oh look, there’s the waiter with the champagne. I need some of that after this conversation with you two morons. Actually, I probably need the whole bottle. Then I can pass out and pretend I dreamed this all up.

If you get drunk, I’ll hold your hair again, I tell her.

I won’t, East says. Not after last time. I love you, Bea, but no.

Maybe I’ll do what you both want, and find myself another guy to hold my hair.

Make sure you get some action before you start blowing chunks. That’s a definite mood killer.

I’ll keep that in mind, she says, drily, before walking away.

We should really help her out more. She needs to have some fun, East tells me.

She’s fine, I say, waving my hand. Back to me. That chick tried to suck my mouth into her vacuum sealed lips.

They are kind of big. She has to be getting injections, he says thoughtfully. I bet she really did give good head.

Focus, man. She’ll be back any minute. I need an out.

She’s not coming back.

How do you know that?

She just left with the mayor.

Oh shit. I hope she doesn’t kill him. He’s a good guy.

At least you dodged the bullet.

Vacuum. I dodged the human vacuum. Pay attention, man.

You are so ridiculous sometimes.

Ridiculously charming.

Yeah. Something like that.

Oh look, I don’t think I’ve met that chick yet, I say nodding towards a new arrival.

Your date has barely left the room, and you’re already looking for the next one? Why am I not surprised?

I’m not looking for a date—I just want to get laid. Don’t act like you’re not looking, either.

In this room? I’ll be lucky to find someone drunk enough to kiss me.

"There’s gotta be some guys willing to