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Kenning Magic

Length: 364 pages5 hours


Noni yearns to do magic and finds little consolation in the book of stories her mother left her. She envies her friend Twig's magical skills. When Saronians steal everyone's magic, Noni's reading skill becomes important. She and Twig set off to find the Book of Spells. Eventually they arrive at the castle where the Book is hidden.

With the loss of magic, the 'Dragon Hold' weakens. One dragon escapes, wreaks havoc, and ends up at the castle.


Pintz, Wanda and deBoyas, the Saronian Mages who take everyone's magic, quarrel after finding some dragon scales. After a dragon attack, deBoyas abandons the other two. He tries to return to Sarony, but is 'bound' to Mitlery. When he learns this, he swears to kill Pintz to free himself. His search eventually takes him to the castle.

 Pintz and Wanda learn about the Book of Spells and decide to destroy it. They are at the castle when Noni and Twig arrive. Will Noni locate the Book of Spells in time?

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