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Is Jesus God? What the Bible Says

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Who is God?
The Bible, the primary source of Christian faith, provides the answer. But do the revelations there lead one to the church's doctrine that Jesus, the Son of God, is also God? In Is Jesus God? What the Bible Says, Lyle Dockendorf addresses this all-important question in a sincere, straightforward, Scripture-based exploration of all that the Bible says about Jesus' divinity and God's identity.
Carefully considering the meaning and translation of hundreds of passages, including the verses that apologists claim prove that Jesus is God, Dockendorf is led to a challenging conclusion. Since the Church arrived at the doctrine that Jesus is God in the Fourth Century, the author then explores the early Church history to uncover how this article of faith became so widely accepted, and investigates the roles of evolved theology, ecclesiastic consensus and imperial Roman power.
If you are a believer in the truth of the Bible, this book will shed a bright light on an old dogma, and have you looking at the Divine in new ways.

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