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I would like to thank my family for giving me the incentive to write this book. After out lining this book on paper 12 months before I actually started writing it, my sister found it and read what I had written and asked what book it was from as it sounded interesting, after telling her it was mine she was the first to tell me to have a go I had nothing to lose, so here we are. I’d also like to thank Angie for helping me put the polish on the finished book, I couldn’t have done it without her.

About the author

I’ve lived all my life in the Black Country, I come from a large family the last of seven children.

I have five kids of my own, three girls and two boys. After a few ups and downs my life is pretty good now thanks to the love of a good man.


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He comes through the front door with enough noise to let me know that it’s time to tell Christy to get her brother upstairs and out of the way before he makes it to the living room, he has been out for the past four hours somewhere with his cousin drinking again,

Christy, take Jacob upstairs and get him to bed for me please I say, as I plead with my eyes for her to hurry. She knows to move quickly and quietly to not escalate what is to come.

Dave makes it into the room just as Christy makes it to the top of the stairs.

I want some dinner! Dave says. As I go to go in the kitchen I say

I’ll go warm it up for you. I make it into the kitchen knowing he is going to kick off about something, anything as he always does, why do I stay? I don’t know what else to do, I’m scared, I have nowhere to go, no money, no job, so I stay!

I take his meal of roast beef, roast potatoes, mash, carrots, peas and gravy all piping hot, on a tray into the living room and place it on the stool in front of him, I give him a knife and fork, I then resume folding clothes that I have just fetched in from the washing line in the garden. He takes two mouthfuls and throws it all over the floor saying

That is revolting! Cook me something fresh. I reply quietly

It was fresh, we only finished our meals thirty minutes before! as the words leave my mouth I realise what I had done, he comes storming across the living room, and he grabs me by the throat and shoves me over the wicker washing basket, which is then stuck in the middle of my back,

I don’t care what you think! What I say goes, Dave says and starts to hit me with his free hand across my face and body.

The next thing I see and hear is Christy screaming at him to stop, I must have passed out from one of the blows to the head for a minute because the next thing I know, I land on the wicker basket hard as he lets go of me. Dave says

I'm going out to get something to eat. So get this mess picked up before I return, as he walks to the door.

As the front door slams shut in that split second, I realise I have to get us out of here, before he comes back, before he kills one of us, probably me! Then where would the kids be.

Christy comes over to me crying and tries to help me up, once I’m on my feet I get the kids

dressed, I pack what we can carry, as quickly as we can I don’t want to be here when he returns, I don’t think I can take any more so I head to the only friend I have that Dave had not scared off, this is only because her husband's a police detective, Kerry is my sister (but not by blood), she is my best friend.

Kerry is one of my oldest friends, she and Ian have been married for eight years and have a two and a half year old daughter called Samantha, plus a son, Tom. When I get there Kerry helps me get the kids settled for the night, and then takes me to A & E, here I find I have bruised larynx and a fractured jaw and quite a few bruises over the top half of my body.

Over the next couple of months Kerry and her husband help me to heal, I find a place to rent, take out a restraining order on Dave and get full custody of the kids. The house I have found has three bedrooms, one midsized bathroom, a large living room and a fair sized kitchen with a conservatory at the back. The place has a homely feel to it and helps to calm me and the kids down but Christy and I are still on edge and probably will be for a while.

Ian has also helped me getting Dave arrested and put away in jail for assault, so he is out of the picture for a least two and a half years hopefully I will be able to make a fresh start, first things first I need a job to support me and the kids, this I have found in a restaurant in town, waitressing. It is owned by an older man, his name is Mr McLaren he is 52 years old. He has brown eyes and hair with a friendly face, he looks after himself but is not muscular he is not fat either. The restaurant is not too big a place and has reserved clientele which are mostly business men having lunch or dinner meetings. The uniform is a simple white blouse and black skirt which has to be knee length or longer.

They say that once you’ve hit bottom there is only one way to go and that is up, but it’s slow going with Christy having nightmares and waking up crying, Jacob is being clingy and is only going to me, Kerry, Christy and Ian, which is good in a way as Kerry looks after him and Christy while I’m working and trying to get some of my old confidence back. I hide behind a smile, I put on my face so no one knows how scared I feel or how afraid I am of all the men around me all of the time. I can’t show any fear because I know men, they know how to use it against you, to get you to do what they want, and you do it even if you don’t want to. Dave used to come over all caring and helpful, but all the time he was building up to things he could use to manipulate me with and to frighten me into doing things his way and keep me on a leash with no one to turn to no siblings, no family except for Kerry, Kerry seamed fearless and would not let him get to me, Ian would stand up to him if he tried anything like that. I learned to keep things inside so he did not have extra ammunition to use against me, my biggest fear was for the kids, if he could get to them, he could get to me. If he could come at me with his fists when he said he loves me, what was stopping him going after the kids, and he frequently used that against me to get me to do what he wanted me to do. There were times when he did not even need a drink in him to start, sometimes anyone could do something to upset him, and then when he got home he would nit-pick at the smallest thing, this was to start an argument in which I always came off worse, so I did what he wanted me to do to keep the peace, that was how life was for the last eight years since Christy was six months old.

Life was hard, however it was getting better. I was not worried about walking into my home and wondering if I would walk into a fist or slap anymore, or what mess would be there or who. I was starting to feel more relaxed around the people I worked with, slowly but surely things where coming together and working out better than I ever imagined they would.



Four years later.

Alpha James McCarthy was sitting in his office looking out the window feeling unsettled something was coming that would change things, but he had no idea what it would be, at eighty two years old he has learned to listen to his gut and keep one eye open on things going on around him. The other item that was on his mind was the fact that he was lonely and had not yet found his mate. He would know her as soon as he saw her, his wolf would sense her from across the room, just then a knock came at the door,

Come in James said, his beta Aaron Mackintosh entered the room, at 6’6 and built like a tank everyone got out of his way very quickly.

Hey boss, when do we have to get going to leave for Birmingham? Aaron said. I replied

I'm all packed and ready to go, John already knows what has got to be shipped out the next week so we are good to go. John is third in command and he knows what he’s doing, plus Darla will put him strait if things go wrong.

James answered his emails and make some phone calls while Aaron drove, when he was finished he turned and looked at Aaron who was watching him,

Why are you watching me? James asked.

You look as if there is something on your mind, and cannot quite relax as you normally do prior to a long trip, is there anything I can help with? Aaron asked.

I have a feeling that something is going to happen on this trip and I don’t have a clue what it could be! James replied.

It’s just a business meeting to confirm the price and the quantity of the whiskey that he wants to order. What could go wrong? Aaron asks.

Generations of James McCarthy’s family and wolf pack have built a business making one of the finest whiskeys that Scotland has to offer, it has been so for close on two hundred and fifty years, it keeps the pack secret and their land safe from prying eyes and nosey people that live right next to them it also brings revenue in to help the pack get everything it needs. As we live for such a long time we have to get birth, marriage and death certificates so we are not discovered, because living up to three hundred years can cause a few problems and questions we don’t need and can’t answer like, why are you not dead at one hundred and fifty years old? It could expose us all.

The last thing we need is the government looking too closely at us, none of us fancy being a lab rat in a cage, and I like to run free across the glen and hillsides.

What hotel do we have reservations at this time? Aaron asks,

Were at the Rotunda in the city centre for this trip James replied,

We’ll have a meal at the hotel tonight and then tomorrow morning we have the meeting with Mr Chamberlin and his crony Mr Brown, we’ll play it by ear after that.

We check into the hotel and freshen up. I still can’t seem to shake the uneasy feeling that something is coming, something big. We have a quiet meal at the hotel restaurant and then go into the bar to have a drink. Some women come into the bar having a laugh and a joke but none of them interest me in the slightest, after the first forty years casual sex doesn’t interest you any more, you want to find the one meant to be yours, the other half of your soul.

Aaron pipes up, perhaps you need a release! he indicates to the women over the way,

Maybe that’s why your so on edge.

I can do that in the shower, it’s just the same without the hassle of a woman! James replies,

Yeah I know what you mean, you just go through the motions but it’s not very satisfying,

Aaron comments. We sit for a further ten minutes, then I say,

I think I’ll go turn in.

Yeah not a bad idea, Aaron says.

When James fell asleep that night he started to dream about a woman who is running around a house shouting for someone looking really scared, opening doors looking over her shoulders as if someone is chasing her and she is not wanting to get caught, Then as if he is watching the

TV he sees himself enter the room going to her, holding her, comforting her telling her it would be alright soon. The feeling of her in his arms felt so right, he had never felt anything like it before. Just standing there with her was perfect. He woke with a jolt soaking wet with sweat, he could not understand what was going on, he did not recognise the woman in his dream, she was blond haired with hazel eyes, beautiful in a way he had never seen before, not too slim but not fat, just right to hold, he tried to put that thought right out of his head, same as the dream. To no avail his mind kept returning to the woman, as he pondered he could see himself with a woman like that, not obsessed with being thin and bony, she didn’t wear excessive amounts of makeup either, just the minimum. He had no idea where the dream had come from. He lay back down to try to go back to sleep.

When he finally fell back asleep he started to have a more pleasant dream, it was the same woman as before but this time they were dancing in each other arms slowly to some romantic music. They were in the large dining room of his house with his family and pack around, leaning down I kiss her gently, which turns more passionate, releasing her I take her hand and lead her upstairs to my bedroom, opening the door I take her inside and quickly turning I shut the door and pull her into my arms trailing kisses from her ear to her neck nibbling as I go. Her moans are driving me wild, I start to remove her clothes none too gently and she responds with the same vigour with my clothes, in no time at all we are both as naked as the day we were born. Lifting her I carry her to the bed, placing her in the middle I climb over her, kissing up her body until I reach her breasts. I devour one breast then the other as she writhes beneath me, I can’t wait any longer I have to be inside of her.

Are you ready for me, I ask?

Yes, was her answer as I climb over her? I place my cock at her nether lips and push in the first inch and then ram the rest of the way home, eliciting a cry of pure pleasure from her mouth as she arches to meet me. It’s like coming home after being away for god knows how long, it was the only way to describe it. After letting her adjust to my size, I start moving, pulling slowly out dragging my cock against her vaginal walls while holding on to her hips, then ramming forward which she arches into each time until I can feel her orgasm pending and her movements and her breathing become uneven. Moving her legs up so that her ankles are over my shoulders I continue to thrust into her as I take two of my fingers and place them at her clit and rub in a circular motion sending her over the edge. The look of unadulterated pleasure flashes across her face, as her muscles clamp down on me, milking the very essence from me I howl as I fall into the abyss.



I returned home after doing an evening shift to a quite house with just TV on in the living room, Vicki my baby sitter is sitting at the table finishing off some of her college course work in the dining room, she is a good kid trying to put herself though college without too many student loans being outstanding. Always willing to help she’s a god send to me with the hours I work, having worked my way up to be one of the deputy manager, either Tammy, the other duty manager or myself had to be at the restaurant when it was open we take turns so that we each have some nights free and some days to be with our families. I say good bye to Vicki and lock up for the night turning all the lights out down stairs and go up to bed.

I go into Christy’s room and kiss her on the brow, moving the book she has been reading to the night stand, turning off the lamp I pull the door to, then I go into Jacob’s room as usual he has kicked the covers off so I cover him up, put his DS1 on the table and turn off his lamp too, after pulling his door too, I turn to my room, get undressed and go and have a shower to wash the smell of food away and relax, when I’m finished, I put a T shirt on and get into bed, as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light. I’m running upstairs trying to find the kids, I shout,

Christy and Jacob but they don’t answer, I run from room to room to find them. Then a strong pair of arms pulls me into an embrace and with soothing tones says

We’ll find them, everything will be alright. I won’t let him hurt you or the kids again. Once and for all I’ll put a stop to this, you have to trust me.

That’s easier said than done, I said.

I wake