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The Gift - Chandrapal Khasiya

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Thanking Tejas Kemkar and Amit Pandey for tolerating my works from school days till graduation.

A special thanks to ADIT's Volcano Team 2014 for keeping me inspired and pushing me to move forward. This is an outcome of your wishes.

Heartily thanking Kaushal Desai for suggesting to turn this story into an e-book.

And to all lovely readers without whom I would not have been able to complete story after story.

Last but not the least, to my Sony VAIO

Chapter One

You ruined my life!

Please, at least listen to me.

Listen to you? What do you think of yourself?

Hush, our son will hear.

Let him hear. I don’t care. I doubt even if he is our son.

For God’s sake, please don’t speak ill about him.

Rajan clutched the edge of his bed, the soft mattress curled under his tight grip. Fear paralyzed him as he heard the rising quarrel behind the closed door. He wanted to push himself up and wished to stop the fight of his parents. However, he failed to muster enough courage. What could a child of eleven possibly do to cease the affairs of adults?

And then, as if his wish was granted, the noise stopped, abruptly.

Rajan sighed patiently, waiting for her mother to enter his room and hug him tightly, assuring that everything was alright. Though deep down he knew only miracle could repair his parents’ relationship. And he didn’t intend to make it right. All he wished was to…His thoughts vanished as he noticed the knob of the door was turning, fading light of the setting sun from