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The Truth: The Inheritance Series Book 3

Length: 27 pages15 minutes


4,200 words of quick, steamy romance. Female point of view. Third book of the The Inheritance Series.

Christine had found out the truth about Dylan, but was it the whole truth? Christine had put him to the test about what he had to do to prove himself. What would surprise her is what he would do next.

He handed me the piece of paper.

“You do the honors.”

That would be far from the only surprise Dylan had in store. He was committed to take Christine to new heights.

“I love a little mystery.

“I’m not crazy about it myself.”

“Let me change your mind.”

Heat Level: Hot!

Wendy West series are designed to be read in under an hour, so they can be enjoyed during moments where you're waiting or have a few extra minutes.

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