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Jane Austen in Blue Jeans

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Mackenzie Grant, daughter of a rich Wyoming cattle rancher, believes herself to be an ugly duckling.  She’s never been in love, never had a boyfriend, and never had a date.  As a result, she’s found companionship in her favorite world – the world of Jane Austen.  After all, who wouldn’t dream of being the independent Elizabeth Bennet or being wooed by the debonair Mr. Darcy?

But when tragic news calls away their longtime friend and ranch hand, he’s replaced by a handsome stranger.  Mackenzie soon finds herself swooning over Tyler Anderson.  There’s just two small problems:  he's not a fan of Jane Austen, and his ex-girlfriend is the person responsible for making Mackenzie’s school years miserable.

Will she finally find love and a fairy tale ending, or is she doomed for her story to end in tragedy?

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