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Iron Fist Keep: Prophecy of Axain, #3

238 pages3 hours


Everyone must prove their worth

After Galin discovers that he is the prophesied boy king and feared by the evil Darkstriders, he spends over a year learning how to use his gift at the Tadus School of Magic. Now nearly ready to graduate, Galin has to build his army to retake the throne, but no one is willing to join him until he has a major victory. Artis the Black hires Tasar, a magic-wielding Dark Elf assassin, to kill Galin without turning him into a martyr. Why him? Because Tasar never fails. Can Galin escape the assassin and gain the confidence of the people to join his cause before the kingdom is lost forever? 

Iron Fist Keep is the third installment in this Young-adult epic fantasy series. If you like fast-paced stories and a fresh epic fantasy with a twist, you’ll love Steven Atwood’s Iron Fist Keep
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Prophecy of Axain series: 
1)    Ravenward - Prologue 
2)    Prophecy of Axain 
3)    Iron Fist Keep 
4)    Full Circle 

Iron Fist Keep can be found in the Young-adult fantasy, epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, and coming of age categories.

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