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The Beach Slaves

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Jim Holt was working as a programmer in San Diego. He was attacked by his supervisor and defended himself. As a result, almost no one in San Diego would hire him.
He then lucked into a database programmer job with a company, that turned out to be in the going out of business business. He made a lot of money betting against the company where he worked. However, he still can't get a job, in San Diego.
Then, Jim helps solve the murder of a federal drug snitch. As a reward, Jim gets a job as a sort of overseer programming expert at a local military base.
It then seem that the wife of the Commanding Officer at the military base, where Jim works, thinks that the maids that she inherited are no more than slaves.
Jim finds himself in the middle of a joint Mexican/USA investigation into the matter of the slave maids.
After quite a bit of investigation, it seems that the problem is one of politics. The powerful people who are recruiting girls from poor Mexican villages to be slave maids may be too politically powerful to be prosecuted.
Jim, with the help of some Mexican Judicial Police comes up with a possible solution.
Jim also meets a very pretty lady, named Fiona.
Jim, with the help of Fiona, a sort of private investigator named Margie and a Mexican Judicial Policewoman named Maria, manage to identify the head of the slave operation.
Jim then comes up with a plan to see that the head of the slave operation is punished.

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