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Goody Gotti O

72 pages21 minutes


Wisdom from the old timers suggests life is unfair and the fates unkind. Children know better and so does Mister Mike. In this book of the Cathy and Janice Bedtime Stories the girls learn a song that instructs them to turn their frowns upside down. Mister Mike is chock full of stories and songs about a magical planet not so very far away. A caring world where girls and boys live alongside angellike people called Toomars. Mike introduces the girls to a hero named Joe The Famous Boy and an artist who never gets anything done named Ahfinish Ahready. He teaches Janice the word Persuasion with a poem from the planet GoodyGotti.
GoodyGottiO also introduces a new friend Doodles That; Cathy’s friend who finds treasure in the things others toss away.
Inside this book are links to the song and to our girls’ website for fun and games. The message of this book drives home the value of a progressive, optimistic imagination and the virtue it holds when persuading others to see and smell the roses. Or as is found on planet GoodyGotti: sweet Pancake bushes, ice cream daisies, peppermint sprouts and Licorice vines.

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