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Pacific Rebound

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Many of the islands of the southwestern Pacific, north of Australia, were occupied by Japan or came under the Japanese sphere of influence from the late 1930s through the end of World War II.
About halfway on a straight line south from Tokyo to Darwin, Australia lies the Island of Yap. Like its neighbors close to the east, Yap is one of the pinpoint peaks of an under-sea volcanic mountain range several thousand feet taller than Himalayas' Mount Everest. The shoreline of Yap rises over 35,000 feet from the depths of the nearby Challenger Deep.
We don't know much about what's down there, but it would be a good place to hide something that you never want found.

This story begins halfway around the globe in midtown Manhattan. The time is now and the people, as well as what they see and do, exist only in your imagination.

Compelling international adventure... intriguing, challenging.

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