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A Dragon for December (Wiccan-Were-Bear #11)

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Polar bear shifter December Merricks, known to her friends as Deci, is visiting her angel best friend, Allisandrea, in Cleveland. When the February new moon rises, Deci heads into what she believes are neutral woods for some hunting when she comes snout to fang with an enormous dragon who is not only trying to swipe her prey but also happens to be her mate.

Dragon prince Tosh Okida loves hunting in the woods of Culiver, the territory owned by his nest. When the new moon rises, Tosh feels an incredible pull to the woods and goes hunting. To his surprise he finds a polar bear roaming his woods trying to steal a buck. Not only is the feisty bear a thief but she’s also his mate.

With his mate by his side, Tosh is able to claim the kingship of his people, but someone is hiding in the shadows and plotting against him. When an innocent trip to the spa ends with Deci kidnapped and drugged, her body is forced into a painful mating heat. Will Tosh be able to get to her before she’s lost to him forever and put down the threat to his throne, or will all be lost in a flurry of fur and fangs?

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