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Days of Fear

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A true story of horror, bloodshed and courage...

The Irish Republican Army, supported by many Catholic priests, became involved in murderous attacks and bombings. The Troubles in Northern Ireland exploded into outright armed rebellion.

A watching world was sickened as acts of depravity played out on their television screens. The conflict soon spilled into England and support for the Republicans spread around the world to countries where the Irish had emigrated or been despatched as convicts.

The IRA became infected by criminality with money was raised by robbery and extortion. Bombing and shooting innocents in England, and torturing and killing defectors in its own ranks became the norm. Britain sent soldiers to Northern Ireland to stop the excesses by both sides that had killed and injured many thousands. That much is history...

In 1970, Britain's MI6 thrust into the bloody fray a young former commando, the ideologue Maurice Tansey, born in Britain to Irish Catholic supporters of the Cause. This is the true story of his life-threatening years as Britain’s first and only spy in the Provisional IRA.

To maintain his cover, he admits he participated in bombings, and murder in association with well-known IRA heavies...

More killings in Northern Ireland in 2010 prompted Maurice Tansey to risk the telling of his incredible life story to author, historian and former national newspaper editor Michael Tatlow – feeling strongly that the public should no longer be denied his secrets.

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