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Paragons: Age of the Awakening Volume I

513 pages8 hours


Braxx, a salt-of-the-earth sort of soldier in the Regalian Kingdom’s infantry who has never lost a fight, has the weight of destiny thrust upon his shoulders. Just one problem: memory loss.

While being sent on a secret mission under command of his King, Braxx finds himself questioning his allegiance when faced with surfacing memories of a violent past. After engaging in combat with an enemy nation’s leader, Braxx must make a choice: accept defeat and die with honor as a Regalian soldier, a nation that would never allow a knighthood for a barbarian slave soldier such as himself, or accompany this mysterious foreign leader on a quest; and kill his former unit leader. To simply die honorably, or to pull at this one loose thread, and see what it unravels? Doing so will thrust him directly into the clutches of an ancient evil power, secretly resurfacing beneath the veil of power among the many races of the land. All while trying to solve the mystery of why this all feels so familiar to him...

Sarin is a teenage boy fallen victim of Regalia’s conquests. An act of kindness from a teenage girl has him smitten: now he must find his path in life to try and win her heart, and prove himself worthy of someone so great. She’s a young sage, with eyes set on the Highland Academy, and becoming a leader of this foreign nation someday. Sarin who’s never been good at any skill now must find his path and persevere in the face of grave danger, all while trying to woo his crush.

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