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Awake ! Arise! Never Give Up!(Your success is within you!)...Boost your lost strength,energy,power,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-believe,self-discipline,self-control,hopes,dreams, never say die spirit,motivation and inspiration.

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Your success is within you! You need to search within you.

You can’t get success without knowing yourself.

You must know your strong points and weak points. Then only you can venture on the road of success.

You’ve to awake yourself!

You’ve to arise yourself!

Success is your birthright.

You’re born to become successful in this world.

Don’t waste your valuable time.

Don’t waste your valuable life.

Know your strength.

Believe yourself.

You can do anything in your life, if you wish.

Never give up in your life.

Success and failure are not permanent.

Your success is within you!

Awake it! Arise it!

‘AWAKE!ARISE! NEVER GIVE UP!’ is a book that tells you about your inner strengths and your merits that you’ve forgotten.

It will give you clear insight of your virtues and inner qualities that you’ve stored within you.

It will act as your guide.

It will teach you about the lessons of life.

It will make you realize your potential abilities.

It will help you to develop your moral strength and spirit.

It will motivate and inspire you to live a happy and successful life.

Highlight of the book:

* This book is simple guide to awake and arise yourself.

* This book helps you to boost up your slumbering mind.

* This book helps you to awake your hidden talents.

* This book helps you to gain your confident.

* This book realizes you to see your dreams.

* This book inspires you to do something great in your life.

* This book acts as your true guide for you.

* This book is the source of inspirations and motivations for you.

* This book is must read for all.


Extract from the book!

Chapter -1

Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.

---Thomas Holdcraft

What do you want in your life?

A good life or a bad life.

A heaven or a hell.

Everything is depending upon you.

Your life is under your control.

You’re the maker of your life.

You’re the master of your life.

Your life treads you back the way you treated it.

Never allow your life to rule by anybody.

Live a life of independent.

A naturally occurring gold never shines,

It needs constant polishing.

Like your life needs your constant polishing.

Both success and failure are depends on you.


Contents of book:

1. Your life

2. Your knocks

3. Your wishes

4. Your success

5. Your patience

6. Your idea

7. Your work

8. Your fortune

9. Your efforts

10. Your happiness

11. Your attitude

12. Your deeds

13. Your thoughts

14. Your day

15. Your worries

16. Your merits

17. Your talents

18. Your best Gift

19. Your failure

20. Your mistakes

21. Your time

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