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A Garland of My Love...... True feelings of love...

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Love happens in everybody’s life knowingly and unknowingly. But love happens. It’s a nature’s law. Nobody can deny it. Love is a beautiful feeling which we can’t express in words. Love is like a flower that blooms in our heart. Its fragrance is sweet and divine.

A Garland of My Love......

True feelings of love... a well collection of beautiful poems that lead you in the zenith of love world. You’ll really feel the beauty and elegance of love that touched the heart of every lover to his beloved, how a true lover expresses his heavenly feelings of love to his beloved; and how he equates his beloved. Sometimes his beloved appeared him like a moon; sometimes appeared like a blooming flower; and sometimes appeared like an Angel of Heaven. For him everything looks beautiful and charismatic. His life fills with the wonders of love. His world fills with the charms of love.

Extract from the book:

O my dear!

In your remembrance

I forgot my appetite;

I forgot my slumber.

I lost my heart;

I lost my mind;

I lost my soul;

I lost my world.

Day and night are coincided,

Every moment I searched you

Hither and thither,

Everywhere I saw you;

Everywhere I felt you.

You’re in my dream;

You’re in my realism.

Everywhere only the hallucination of your love;

Everywhere only the fragrance of your love.

Everywhere only I feel your bonding love.

Everywhere only I see your smiling love.

I’m going to be nuts,

If I ever fail to get you.

Every moment your angelic image hunts me.


Contents of book:

1. As the eternal bliss of my Life

2. You imprisoned me

3. I can enlighten you!

4. Someone is always around you

5. Purity of love

6. In the ocean of heart

7. My heart bow

8. You’re everything For Me

9. Breathing together

10. A garland of my love

11. If I were a bird

12. O my dear love

13. It’s your love

14. You dwelled within me

15. In the season of spring

16. Your love is my greatest gift

17. Three magic words

18. Your sweet drops of love

19. The aroma of love

20. In the paradise of love

21. Your love is my Light

22. As the true love affairs

23. My love is divine

24. Your flowery love

25. Your golden beam

26. My shinning attire

27. O dear tells me!

28. My love is calling you

29. Message of love

30. My Shinning light

31. I'm your true lover

32. The shady Tree of love

33. You’re my Life’s glee

34. You’re my sweet heart

35. Little drops of love

36. My charming dame

37. The colourful queen

38. Live for me

39. Without you I’m Worthless

40. Your Idol Like image

41. Feel my love

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