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Emancipation Expedition

355 pages5 hours


Where can you hide when the bad guys with guns are also with the FBI? While out on a hunting trip, Tom Stanton witnesses a murder. The murderers are corrupt FBI agents working in a secret combination with a drug cartel, and the victim is an employee of the Border Patrol. Tom is discovered and defends himself in a gun battle and escapes. Tom and his wife know he will never receive a fair trial, if he even lives that long, and they decide their only hope is to escape from the control of the federal government by disappearing into America’s heartland. They become separated and each must make their own way to a predetermined meeting place in a distant state. Their love for each other, their trust in God, and their determination to survive keeps them going. Along the way, they must rely on sharp wits, quick tactics, and help from God and others, but will that be enough to escape from the corrupt government officials and members of the cartel who seek revenge? Emancipation Expedition appeals to both men and women and contains no sex or swearing. If you love your freedom and your family and want a good, clean thriller, this book is for you. The sequel is already in process.

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